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Medical Board Complaints in Texas

Posted by Doris Dike | Jul 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

Responding to Medical Board Complaints:

When the Texas Medical Board receives a complaint, the Board acts by writing to the alleged doctor.

It is crucial for doctors to reply quickly since this first step starts a clock that ensures the issue is handled quickly. However, it is advised that they hold off on responding until they have sought the counsel of legal counsel familiar with the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical, medical, and dentistry businesses.

Contact Dike Law Group located in Texas right away if you've received a letter telling you that the Texas Medical Board has received a complaint about you.

Received a complaint through Texas Medical Board? Dike Law Group is here to help

Receiving a complaint does not necessarily imply that you will face severe penalties, the closure of your business, or the suspension of your license. While it's necessary to treat it seriously, remember to breathe.

Getting legal assistance should be your first step because it will ensure that you receive guidance that is tailored to your situation. Additionally, you'll receive help fulfilling all the deadlines.

Tips to responding to Medical Board Complaints:

  • Don't dismiss it. When a complaint is filed, certain timers start ticking. It is crucial that you react before the allotted time expires; else, automatic fines, license suspicion, and/or legal action may result.
  • Without seeking legal counsel, refrain from responding. Given that the letter will probably ask you to take some action, it would seem contradictory to say this, but it's crucial to wait to act until you've spoken with a lawyer.
  • Contact Dike Law Group

Texas Medical Board Complaint Response Support

Contact Dike Law Group as soon as possible for help if you have gotten a letter stating that you must reply to a complaint from the medical board.

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